Mission, Values and What We Do

Improving everyday hygiene to help keep you and your family healthy

We are Hand Sanitisers UK and our mission is to educate and raise awareness to hygiene and improving your everyday hygiene routines to help keep you and your family healthy.

You may see Hand Sanitisers UK is not quite the same as other review and guide sites.

We don’t post everyday day. We aim at quality and accuracy rather than quantity.

We believe in honest, informative content that helps you quickly find the best proven track record and top rated products rather than you buying and hoping it will do as it states on the box.

We update our articles to refresh them from time to time when new products are released to maintain accuracy on our content.

We select our picks with care!

We use the products we recommend and literally trust them with our lives. We select our picks with care, relying on research and useage. When you see a Hand Sanitiser UK top pick you can be assured it’s the best purchase recommended for the majority of people.

Our goal is find and review the best products and provide guides to promoting good hygiene. We may update our picks over time based on new information or when products change.

We focus on quality products to save you time and money so that you don’t have to find the best purchases through trial and error.

Support our mission and want to contribute?

If you feel strongly towards raising awareness to hygiene and improving peoples everyday hygiene routines why not contribute an article.